NAFSSP is a community-based voluntary body of professionals and service providers for the older population with emphasis on Social Services. The association acts as the mentor for degreed and non-degreed professionals who work in positions that include any aspect of social service functions.



The association's primary focus is on providing continuing education for all health care providers for the older adult. This includes providers of care in the home, assisted living centers and group homes, hospitals, skilled nursing and intermediate care centers. These classes enhance working knowledge, improve overall services for the older adult, and assist in appropriate placement as individuals age.



NAFSSP educates to better care and services provided for older adults in all stages of their aging-and as a result benefits are reaped by the entire community.



NAFSSP includes professionals who are conducting all types of social services for the older adult population. This includes, but is not limited to, hospital discharge planners, social workers holding degrees and those who are designees in skilled care facilities, Registered Nurses, Directors of Marketing for assisted living centers, assisted living group home managers, and representatives of hospices, home health agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation, placement agencies, case managers at a public and private level, fiduciaries, etc.


What NAFSSP Can Do For You
NAFSSP provides ongoing specialized workshops, that are approved by the NCIA/Board of Examiners that meet Skilled Nursing Care Administrators' and Assisted Living Managers' requirements for license renewals.


Designated Interest Groups: NAFSSP will design specific workshops to meet your company's needs and/or your field of expertise upon request.


Employers: NAFSSP provides assessable, affordable CEUs for your employees. These educational units will provide knowledge that will enhance the services provided your older adult clients as well as add to your employee's personal creditability. Workshops also provide a networking venue where information and referrals can be exchanged.


Businesses and the Community at Large: NAFSSP reaches out to provide information and assistance in matters related to the older adult population to Employee Assistance Programs, physicians, attorneys, clergy, bankers, educators, realtors, and others.

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